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Ethics in Health


The goal of doctors, clinics, practice operators, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies and all other providers of products and services in the health sector is to improve people's health, alleviate illnesses, reduce human suffering and educate people about their own health. In practice, conflicts of interest with economic objectives occur time and again.


The digitalisation of medical services in particular poses a special challenge. Efforts to further digitalise the sector are accompanied by many similar ethical questions as in other economic sectors. Are solutions such as artificial intelligence capable of dealing with certain issues? Is the accuracy of AI solutions sufficient as a parameter to replace humans with AI solutions or do other factors (biases, data quality) need to be included in the process.


The prevalence of medical-ethical dilemmas is another focus, which involves concrete weighing decisions. Conflicts often arise between patient autonomy and the objective improvement of the patient's medical status. We are happy to support you in the normative challenges for your company.


Our scientific work in this area includes, for example, the following publications:

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