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Research & Consulting

We see ourselves as a market research company that supports you in answering all your entrepreneurial questions and decisions. We work with you to specifically analyse the needs of your current and potential customers.

We have proven our knowledge of empirical research methods many times over in numerous scientific publications in leading specialist journals and always keep up to date with the latest developments in research methods at international expert conferences.

Our Research Methods

Representative Polls

Are you planning to introduce a new technology or product line? You always wanted to know which preferences prevail in your core markets, but also which opportunities and risks your customers may face with regard to your products? Are you interested in which habits and behaviours affect the buying behaviour of your customers? Are you wondering how to create a representative survey and what it costs?


We would be happy to help you conduct representative population surveys on your core markets. We define your target markets and questions together with you. We then develop a questionnaire for you, taking into account the necessary scientific criteria. We will gladly develop and administer the questionnaire for you as well as recruit the necessary participants in cooperation with leading international panel providers in order to conduct a sound survey according to your requirements. Finally, we prepare the collected data and help you interpret and use them for your internal studies or external marketing purposes.

Experimental Research

Some questions require methods other than surveys. Especially when what individuals say they will do and what they ultimately do are different. Nobody will be keen to state that they are reluctant to donate to social or environmental causes. Political polls also frequently produce more socially desirable responses. Therefore, rather than studying the preferences which respondents disclose of their own accord, experiments observe their actual behaviour. Doing so is particularly important when pricing products for example.

How much money will your customers really spend on a social cause? Will customers actively use climate compensation measures? What is the willingness to pay for improved safety of your products?

Qualitative and Normative Research

On many ethical issues, there are no clear opinions. Although one may tend to take a moral stance, we are mostly divided within ourselves.

  • How does one deal with a situation in which raw materials that are urgently needed for the energy transition come from critical countries of origin?

  • How does one try to resolve conflicts of interest between different stakeholder groups in a sustainable way? For example, when employees' wage demands can only be met through significant price increases?


For you as a company, these shades of grey are of particular interest. For this purpose, qualitative research methods are particularly suitable in developing hypotheses with you.

However, we do not only support you in collecting new data but we also help you to evaluate norms on the basis of philosophical or ethical concepts. If you are faced with ethical dilemma decisions as a company, which do not have a clear legal, social or economic priority, a preparation of the decision is very important, in order to shield yourself from legal and reputational risks.

We are happy to recommend a course of action based on general discourse analyses and the evaluation of all the corporate values you communicate, so that you can make the best possible ethical decision.

Quantification of Normative Issues

In order to manage ethical issues, it can be helpful to measure them. To this end, we will define relevant KPIs for your company, measure your company's performance today using a scientific and transparent methodology, triangulate your performance in a benchmark comparison with the performance of your competitors and finally design a process with you on how you can specifically improve in the future.

In the past, we have worked extensively with the leading providers of ESG scores and ESG ratings. We know the methods and pitfalls of ESG assessments well and can help you optimise your ESG score. We can help you to sustainably improve your ESG performance with just a few simple steps.

In a recent article, we described the possibilities and limitations of measuring normative challenges in more detail. We invite you to take a look at this contribution.

Are you interested in an exchange on your research needs?


We look forward to speaking with you about your wishes and ideas in a free, non-binding discussion.

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