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Digital Ethics &
Artificial intelligence

AI Artificial Intelligence

Digital technologies are continuously changing our lives. By generating, storing, processing and interpreting large amounts of data, we are consistently creating improvement in all areas of life by expanding the range of products and services. Many challenges and processes are simplified by new technologies.

However, as digital technologies advance, legal and ethical risks are encountered. In the past, there have been repeated reports of discrimination incidents or breaches of data protection regulations in the development or use of AI. Incidents of this kind influence both user behaviour and the social acceptance of digital technologies.

Last but not least, due to new legal initiatives such as the EU AI Act, your clients expect you to address ethical and legal issues for companies or government institutions developing or rolling out AI.


The EU AI Act is a draft EU regulation on the handling of artificial intelligence. It would be the first law on AI passed by a major regulatory body. The Act classifies applications of AI into different risk categories:

EU AI Act.png

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