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ESG & Sustainability

We are your reliable partner in the implementation of legal requirements as well as customer and investor requirements regarding ESG and sustainability.

Using a holistic approach, we sustainably improve your company’s ESG scoreg and ensure that your company improves better financing conditions, retains access to large orders and reduces risk ffor fines and loss of reputation.

A company's ESG score is becoming increasingly important when it comes to awarding contracts and tenders, but is also becoming increasingly important for lending.

We systematically improve your ESG score!

Based on the requirements of your stakeholders, we develop a sustainability strategy and look for levers with which we can achieve a long-term improvement in your ESG score. One example would be the goal of reducing CO2 emissions, publishing your own policy on dealing with human rights in the supply chain or increasing the proportion of women in the company.

Sustainability reporting is no longer a luxury, but has become a legal obligation for a wide range of companies through the CSRD. We help your company find its way out of the jungle of regulations and help you precisely meet not only legal requirements but also stakeholder requirements with your sustainability reporting. We help you choose the exact reporting standard and concept e.g. ESRS, IFRS-S, GRI, DNK, SASB, TCFD, CDP, SBTi and GHG and support you with complex topics such as carbon accounting or the application of the EU taxonomy.


Can we help you improve your ESG score?


We look forward to talking to you about your wishes and ideas in a free and non-binding conversation.

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