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In business ethics, it is usually said that the ethical challenges start from the moment two people meet for the first time on an inhabited island. As soon as two or more people compete for scarce resources, the ethical question of dealing with scarcity begins, but also of motivating people to produce, consume and distribute goods. Perceived fairness, as well as compliance with standards such as human rights and environmental protection, plays a central role in motivating employees, retaining suppliers and developing customer relationships. Clear communication is important to address the different expectations your company is confronted with.

Non-communication is therefore not an option for your company, but a form of social interaction in itself. You simply cannot avoid communicating.

Together, we can improve your methods of communicating ethical issues so that you not only avoid competitive disadvantages, but also position yourself as a positive part of society's economic system. Companies that highlight problems in supply chains are also more likely to respond to allegations or controversy than companies that are generally silent on such issues.

Regardless of reputation, corporate communications are increasingly coming under the scrutiny of legislators. Both supply chain legislation and EU ESG legislation require more and more transparency from companies.


Our Communication Methods

ESG and Ethics Communication

The most important part of communicating ethical challenges to your company is to proactively position your business on the basis of your values. We support you in conducting an internal discourse in your company at all relevant levels in order to define your corporate values and corporate philosophy. Together we communicate your core values internally and externally to all relevant stakeholders and ensure through various communication channels that your business partners, customers and employees know how you position yourself as a firm on the issues that are important to you.

Stakeholder Management

Communicating ethical issues may not always be possible in a proactive manner. Once your company has reached a certain level of visibility, your ESG measures will be increasingly monitored by all relevant internal and external stakeholder groups involved in your company. This may involve press enquiries, requests from NGOs or comments in the channels of your social media accounts.

Responding to enquiries is a particular challenge and should not be seen as a mere communication exercise.

We support you in responding to the communication of your stakeholders in order to achieve the best possible positioning for you.

Sustainability Reporting

The beginning of a successful ESG communication strategy is the positioning in the discourse and a transparent internal and external objective for self-defined topics. Following this definition, your stakeholders expect to know what has become of these objectives. How does your company plan to implement the announced targets? Have the set goals been achieved and, if not, why?


European legislation has developed considerably in recent years with regard to the annual communication of sustainability issues. With the NFRD, SFDR and CSRD, a legal framework has been created that not only places great expectations on DAX companies, but also gradually requires smaller companies to communicate their own ESG performance.


We show you how to write your own impact report or sustainability report at low cost. It doesn't matter whether you want to make a moral commitment and publish a report without being subject to regulation or whether you are legally obliged to do so. We support you in the publication of a report from defining KPIs, gathering and analysing data and writing the report. If required, we are also happy to help with the final layout and, if necessary, the legal review by WPs from our network.

Take a look at the sustainability report by JOKOLADE, for which we were the lead authors.

Would you like to communicate ESG and ethics topics?


We look forward to speaking with you about your wishes and ideas in a free, non-binding discussion.

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