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We improve your ESG performance

Whether a planned round of financing, acquiring new B2B customers, a planned IPO, positioning with new employees and talents or implementing your own convictions. Your ESG performance matters.


We support you in achieving the best possible results in external ESG scores and ratings. 



Materiality analysis and benchmarking

We look with you at where your company stands in relation to ESG and, based on your business model, show you which ESG topics are of particular relevance to you.


Purpose and Commitments

Together, based on our materiality analysis and benchmarking, we work out which values and commitments make sense based on your business philosophy and corporate strategy.



Processes and guidelines

Together we ensure that we set up the right processes and rules for your company so that you can ensure that your own values are fulfilled and lived.


KPIs and measurement

We define and track the appropriate KPIs with you in order to improve your own performance institutionally over time. Together we ensure that you perform as well as possible in external ESG scores and ratings.



Reporting and communication

It is only important to control and improve one's own behavior. In the end it is also important to communicate your own performance. We help you to create a sustainability report or an individual communication strategy.

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